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Re: The Revolution pilot is online now...

It was ok, not terrible but definitely lacking in most areas. The pilot/first episode felt entirely rushed and could have benefited greatly from being two hours, rather than just the one. They glossed over things that I would have liked to have seen them spend more time on; such as the build up to and duration of the 'collapse', some more time with the father so that we actually care about him and therefore the daughters ultimate quest, as well as the trip from the camp to Chicago and their time their in the city beyond that one hotel....they could have even just spent more time there in the camp setting up the world, before thrusting everyone into the trip before the second commercial break.

They ran through enough plot in one episode, that a good writer could have developed and stretched out for most of the season. It might get better, but I don't expect great things from it, which goes for most network tv these days. Cable is where it's at. Now I'm just waiting for HBO to latch onto the sci-fi bandwagon.
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