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Pardon me for being harsh, but having suffered the death of my father only a couple of years ago, I feel quite strongly about this: I'm frankly repulsed by the concept that death should be portrayed as "grand" or good in any way. Death is an ugly, painful, frustrating thing. It hurts. It's supposed to. Glamorizing death is an idea that disgusts me. We should be angry when the characters we care about are taken from us. We should feel that it's a waste and a lost opportunity. Because that's an honest portrayal of what death is. Painting it as some noble, grand, triumphant thing that we can feel good about is simply a lie. We should celebrate the lives of the people we care about. That's the part that can be grand and noble and worthy of our admiration.
Christopher, I am sorry to hear of your loss.

I have a question here. We humans might not see death as a grand, triumphant thing but don't Klingons see it that way? They celebrate death, especially if the death was a result of a "glorious battle".
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