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Many fine references to great TOS moments... I'd repeat most of them. Here's a couple more:

A great scene from "The Empath":
KIRK: If death is all you understand, here are four lives for you.
(Kirk returns the two devices.)
KIRK: We will not leave our friend. You've lost the capacity to feel the emotions you brought Gem here to experience. You don't understand what it is to live. Love and compassion are dead in you. You're nothing but intellect!
(Lal goes over to McCoy and heals him, then picks up the unconscious Gem.)

I love the timing of the music starting when Kirk emphasizes "We will not leave our friend."

"Spectre of the Gun" is not one of my favorites, but has some fine moments.

SPOCK: Captain. May I ask a question? You needn't answer if it seems too personal.
KIRK: I'm sure I'll be able to give you an answer, Mister Spock.
SPOCK: This afternoon, you wanted to kill, didn't you?
MCCOY: But he didn't kill, Mister Spock.
SPOCK: But he wanted to, Doctor.
KIRK: Is that the way it seemed to you, Mister Spock?
SPOCK: Yes, Captain.
KIRK: Mister Spock, you're absolutely right. That's exactly the way it was.
SPOCK: Mankind, ready to kill.
KIRK: That's the way it was in 1881.
SPOCK: I wonder how humanity managed to survive.
KIRK: We overcame our instinct for violence.

Overcame our instinct for violence. When he says that, it's in a rather 'matter of fact' tempo and yet... so poignant, especially when looking at our world today. We are still so saturated in violence, it makes one wonder how we really will survive (point to Spock).
Remembering Ensign Mallory.

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