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Re: What does a Yeoman do?

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Wears a mega-mini skirt, cries for Kirk to ogle her legs, then appears many (drunken) years later saying spiteful things like "Well, they had their BLACK girl, so, its all political.." and "They had another blonde, but she was Gene's girlfriend, so who do YOU think got to stay on the show??"

....Am I close? Far-off?
I know Janice had a severe drinking problem for 20 years. I'm sure she may have said a lot of hurtful things when drunk.

I recently came across some excerpts of her book
It's a very good read. I might even buy her book after reading that.
No, Janice didn't. Grace on the other hand did.
My bad. I slipped. I was thinking about the character, and the name just Freudian slipped in there.
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