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Re: Galileo 7 Was it Boma, Spock or is it me?

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By the way, McCoy's behavior in Tholian Web was about on the same level. And for that matter, in Paradise Syndrome too. Unprofessional, non-supportive, inexcusable in a senior officer.
Absolutely. McCoy repeatedly insulted Spock and attempted to bait him into an argument. Several quotes from each episode stand out.

Following the Enterprise's failed attempt to destroy the asteroid: "Well, Spock, you took your calculated risk in your calculated Vulcan way, and you lost. You lost for us; you lost for that planet, and you lost for Jim."

Following the Enterprise's inability to recover Kirk from the interspacially trapped Defiant:"If this crew is to survive, I have to find an antidote to this space you've locked us into."

Following the battle with the Tholian vessel: "You should have known what could have happened and done everything in your power to safe-guard your crew. That is the mark of a starship captain, like Jim."

Prior to viewing Kirk's last recorded orders: "He was a hero in every sense of the word, yet his life was sacrificed for nothing. The one thing that would've given his death meaning was the safety of the Enterprise. Now, you've made that impossible."

"Honestly, Spock, I just can't believe that you'd want Jim's command. But you must know that if you get us out of this, they'll pin a medal on your chest and give you command of the Enterprise."

Following Spock's reply that he already was captain of the Enterprise: "I'd like to remedy that situation."
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