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Re: DS9 Caption Contest #62: Back to Basics...

Thanks for the win!

Kira: Sheesh! Talk about a pain in the--

Dukat: Oh, she's ADMIRING it!

Kira: Well, I admit I am a little jealous...that had to hurt.

Sisko: Now, we all just sit calm...and quiet...and Kira's miming me, isn't she?

Martok's shot at the title for Galactic Heavyweight Champion was particularly painful for his training partners....

Yes, that was plural.

Bashir: Congratulations on the beard, Captain! Now, wait for the party when you shave your head....

Odo: Fuhgeddaboudit!

Worf: (sigh) Constable...the gangsters of mid-20th century Earth were regarded as warriors. You must speak with inflection--

Odo: Fuh-GE-ddaboudit!

Kira: (muttering) Oh, forget about it....
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