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Re: Has the Blood & Chrome miniseries aired yet?

It's slightly annoying to think that on a shelf somewhere, is the master copy of the completed Blood & Chrome pilot, having never been seen by anyone that didn't work on it. It's just sitting there, completed, and waiting while the executives make up their minds what to do with it.

At the very least, they could release it on DVD like they did with the Caprica pilot and make some money off it. They could even forgo a DVD and release it directly online through Itunes or some other VOD service and make money on it.

All that being said, I have little faith in the series, not it's quality because I know talented people were involved in creating it. I have no faith in those that will eventually decide its fate, mainly TPTB at SYFY who are calling the shots. They've proven thier ability to make bad decisions, so why should this be any different.
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