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Re: Am I A Freak Image Thread

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^Just googled "quaker oats guy rule 34"... don't follow my example.
Never say things like that, because people like me are going to act on it anyway.
Wilford Brimley says it's the right thing to do.

In that vein, though, don't Google "Wilford Brimley Rule 34." It'll give you diabeetus of the eyes.
Pfft. I'm immune. Since I already have diabetes, they cancel each other out. I'm pretty sure looking at those pictures have made me immortal.

I won't forget any of you when your Sun burns cold in space.

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OMG @ J. Allen! I love furries.
Go on... and in explicit detail...

I gotta say I'm not that thrilled with the Mr. Clean photo.
I like it. I want to know what else they patched and modified.
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