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Re: 7X03 A Town Called Mercy (Grading/Discussion) (SPOILERS!)

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I just get the impression that there is a lot we're supposed to infer from these episodes without having a whole lot of information to go on.
I think you may be right. Under Moffat sometimes I feel the dramatic beats are sometimes erratic, sometimes they're missing when you'd expect them and sometimes they seem to pop up unannounced.
Agreed. There's this weird tendency to unexpectedly ellipses out huge chunks of time. Like, when Amy & Rory suddenly weren't traveling with the Doctor anymore at the beginning of "The Impossible Astronaut." Or the months long gap between "The Impossible Astronaut" & "Day of the Moon." Now, sometimes that can be used to good surprise effect, like the sudden revelation of Amy & Rory's divorce in "Asylum of the Daleks." But other times, it just feels weird.

Overall, I liked "A Town Called Mercy." I thought it was a nice little twist and an interesting moral dilemma. The production values were pretty good. The guest cast had much better American accents than we usually get from the show. I like Ben Browder & his powerful mustache. (I wish he had been in the episode more.) Not a whole lot for Rory to do, sadly. But I guess my biggest critique of the episode was its unnecessary tendency to keep underlining its main themes & conflicts (including an "Inside Look" on BBC America that basically just shows interviews with the actors describing the exact scene we were just watching).

Mostly, I just hope this will shut up all of the fans that were whining last week about how the show never does any "serious" episodes anymore.

But in the end, to me, it's not really a Doctor Who western unless it endlessly repeats a stupid, cloying, insidiously catchy ditty.
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