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Re: If star trek 2 is successful could CBS make more star trek attract

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What the deal indicates is that CBS, like other members of big media, sees Netflix distribution as a serious competitor to the still-lucrative syndication market. Some of the shows that Netflix will be streaming, such as Cheers, have been in syndication for decades; their value to the secondary TV market doesn’t compare to a more current show like NCIS: LA, which USA picked up last year for $2.5 million an episode.
This will help build up Netflix as the place to go for Star Trek. So why wouldnt CBS see Netflix as the ideal channel for a new Star Trek series? The audience is being coralled in one place, as though CBS has got some kind of long term plan.

Or maybe that's the cart before the horse. CBS is being opportunistic but once the Star Trek audience has been attracted to Netflix, then it becomes the logical place for a new series. It makes some sense, whereas CBS, the CW and Showtime all have serious drawbacks as the place for a new series.
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