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Re: If star trek 2 is successful could CBS make more star trek attract

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Star Trek can't survive on broadcast...

I see things like Grimm and Once Upon a Time... surviving on broadcast. What makes them different from Star Trek?

A new Trek will likely be the most expensive TV show ever produced when it premieres. CBS isn't likely to shunt it off to a cable or streaming service, they'll see it like Paramount does... a tentpole franchise.

I think one thing that points towards a new series is that CBS has two of their strongest drama performers, CSI and NCIS getting long in the tooth. CBS will need something to continue to draw viewers.
Grimm and OUaT are both based in modern-day America, which is more relatable for the audience. Grimm in particular started out as a procedural in order to build what audience it has.

Also, they are fantasy rather than sci fi, which seems to have more drawing power, especially on broadcast. My theory is that females would rather watch fantasy, and there are more females in the broadcast audience nowadays for drama.

And neither show is doing great in ratings. Grimm survives because NBC is beyond pathetic, especially on Fridays, which everyone has given up on, and this may very well be the last season for OUaT. Those two are both on thin ice. Knock down a few of their advantages in grabbing an audience, ratchet up the budget a bit, and you end up with something that's no longer viable for broadcast.

CBS's audience is completely wrong for sci fi. Star Trek is in no way interchangeable with NCIS. People who want to watch a modern day cop show arent going to be equally happy to watch green people on Alpha Centauri.

CBS doesn't do either sci fi or fantasy anymore, the only network that has entirely thrown in the towel for genre shows. They have good reason, every genre show they tried got poor ratings (doesn't help that CBS has the highest standars of any network). Jericho, which was only minimally sci fi, was the last straw for them.

The fact that Star Trek would be expensive is a reason why CBS wouldnt do it. Why do an expensive space opera when you can do another cop show and get a bigger audience?

The only outlets that would do an expensive show are those for whom its the cost of doing business. HBO with Game of Thrones for instance. They cold have done that on the cheap, but it would be counterproductive since their audience expects more, and will reward it with higher ratings. This equation works much better with a subscription service, where each viewer is far more valuable than the ad-based business model of broadcast.

But the problem with premium cable is that they probably see Star Trek as beneath them, tainted by association with free TV and summer popcorn movie-ness. HBO and Showtime are selling snob value. So that's why I keep mentionng Netflix. They're subscription based, but they aren't selling snob appeal.
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