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Hard to say. IIRC, the ratings for Stargate Atlantis were on the decline towards the end, which is why the Sci-Fi Channel ended the show. So, the Stargate franchise was not on the strongest footing to begin with. But then SGU just killed it by being slow & depressing & nothing at all like the 2 previous shows. And the people who might have been interested in a dark, broody show like SGU didn't give it a chance because it was related to cheesy popcorn shows like SG-1 & Atlantis.
Oh boy...well, the story on just who cancelled ATL can get pretty muddled, but it's been repeatedly said that it was MGM that pulled the plug. Buoyed by the success of the SG1 films, they thought they could save money by moving ATL over to the direct to DVD side. Plus with the producers strongly resistant to running two shows simultaneously again, they pretty much sealed ATL's fate.
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