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Re: TNG Caption This! 283: Ready to roll!

Damn, doing my customary "lookover of the thread" before posting wasn't a great idea. Too many good ones already! I'll do my best to try, but there were a few, already, I'd bet money will win!

And Nerys Myk, love the King Missile reference!

Data: I do not understand. Commander Riker told me I needed to cock block you, so I developed a method for identifying and terminating roosters while they were still in the egg. I am afraid I must report my failure to the commander. He will be most displeased.

Data: Interesting Geordi, you've managed to cultivate a hobby that will never be mentioned again. Now you can add "model ship building" next to "successful lady's man" on your resume!

Worf: I am sorry, Commander, I had no idea that the "kronk" was not a traditional part of fizzbin.

Worf: Sir, I understand that the budget is tight now, but I request that Starfleet look into a better carrier plan for the tricorder. I am only able to get a signal when I am under your desk.

The HoYay is strong with these two.
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