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Resident Evil: Retribution. Bit shallow, even by this series standards

Not really surprised there hasn't been a review thread for this film. I don't believe I've ever seen the Resident Evil movies commented on positively around here. That said, I do enjoy them, I think it helps that I haven't really played the games, therefore I'm not disappointed that they are so far removed from their source material.

The only other one I saw in theaters was the third one. I guess that one didn't impress me too much because I skipped out on the fourth one in theaters. When I finally did see it about two months ago I was pretty impressed, and vowed I would see the fifth one in theaters( and in 3D, no less).

Like the thread title says, this movie is pretty shallow even by the standards set by the previous four films. Plot and disalogue are kept to a minimun in favor of extended action sequences between Alice and the soldiers of Umbrella searching for her.

See the jist of the film is this, after the events of the fourth film, Alice is captured and taken to an underground facility where she is interrogated by Jill Valentine, who is under the control of the Red Queen (the computer AI that was running the Hive facility in the first movie). Along the way Alice runs into some old friends from the first movie, namely Michelle Rodriguez and Colin Salmon.

Colin Salmon is all but wasted in the movie. Roriguez fares better, playing two different roles (the movie also invovles clones, but if that is a surprise to you by now, you're watching the wrong series).

The main crux of the film is Alice escaping from the facility, which actually includes test zones. A test zone is a huge area that replicates either: suburbia, times square of New York, and even Moscow. This is where the majority of the action sequences take place. Watching Alice fight off zombies while in suburbia is as neat as watching the rescue team sent to save Alice fighting zombie soldiers in Moscow. The action scenes are never dull, and keep the film moving at a brisk pace.

But when you look past the action, there's not a whole lot left in this film. Certainly you got Milla Jovovich, who is a fun protagonist to follow (she even shows off a bit of skin, which is always nice). So in the end, this movie really feels like filler, a means to the end. It's not spoiling anything by saying they set things up for a sixth (and presumably final) film. I just wish the events were a bit more interesting that lead us to that cliffhanger.
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