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Re: How did the Nero, his crew and ship escape Rura Penthe?

Didn't Orci and Kurtzman say that the comic is non canon to the movie because of the differences between the two and what was present inn Countdown and Nero really doesn't fit in with the final product of the movie?
I could found the article but I'm certain they've already denounced those comics and the follow up comics that follow the rebbot Enterprise and crew. Makes sense if you think about it. Countdown reads more like elaborate fanfiction by the writers. The writers were given a draft script of the movie and then shutout of all the goings on with the actual development of the film.

The origin of the jellyfish, timeline of events for Spock traveling to Romulus, the Narada being a "simple mining vessel" or is it a warship with state of the art Romulan and reverse engineered Borg tech, Nero's origin and what he did for 25 years after destroying the Kelvin. All these things are presented differently in the movie than they are in the comic.

Hang the comics. They make no sense. If JJ wanted to make cohesive story with these elements he would have but he didn't. What makes it to screen is canon. JJ's only priority was providing the public with Mission Impossible in Space, which he titled Star Trek.

I challenge anyone to prove Countdown and Nero aren't fanwank by the writers. In the Nero comic for insistence Nero connects with his "vulcan side" so he can learn mind melds and connect with V'ger and calculate Spock's arrival. Funny thing in the movie when Nero is torturing Pike, Nero opts out of using his "Vulcan Mind Meld Powers" and instead opts to go Khan on Pike and shove a worm down his throat that will force him to answer.
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