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Re: Best and worst comic book movies

I have to say that Nolan's Batman movies top my list, followed very closely by Iron Man, Captain America and the Avengers. Special nods go to Raimi's Spiderman I.. I've only seen the new Spiderman movie once, so I'm not ready to judge...

Worst: Catwoman/Batman and Robin. Hands down.. Bleagh!!

I do think that one point has to be made here though... Two perpectives are needed.. You have the fanboys/girls vs. casual fans to contend with... I would imagine people who are not consistent or rabid followers of a certain comic, would have much less to complain about regarding some movies... Except for B & R.. That was pretty roundly denounced as pure shit...

My wife LOVED Wolverine (and not just for the gratuitous Jackman butt shot) and I actually liked it quite a bit.. However, most big Wolvie/X-men fans I know couldn't stand it. I think the difference is that neither she nor I are X-men readers...
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