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You can now buy a universal remote which resembles...

The Wand Company and BBC Worldwide Aprominent part of the show for more than 40 years, a version of Doctor Who's sonic screwdriver is now available to buy. It comes in the form of a universal remote control, which, despite a highish price tag, will soon have Whovians across the nation gesturing wildly at TV screens and iPod docks.
A surprisingly heavy, metal replica of the Mark VII screwdriver currently used by the Doctor, the remote uses infraredtechnology to store various remote control commands. So now instead of just pushing play on your MySky remote you can flourish your sonic screwdriver and tap, rotate or flick it like a wand.
Up to 39 commands can be stored, however, it's probably best you make use of the three divided sections and only store commands for three remotes or you'll get awfully confused.
It will sell faster than the iPhone 5.
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