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Re: General Music Thread

I was channel surfing the other night and landed on Starz where an episode of "Strike Back", a show I've never watched, was ending. In fact, the closing credits were running. Over the credits a song was playing that caused my ears to stand at attention immediately -- that hardly ever happens to me these days. The chorus had the line, "This ain't no place for no hero..." The song had me rocking in my seat.

Immediately ferreted out the title of the song and the band's name on youtube. I had no idea the band was, "The Heavy", whose name I had at least heard of. I had heard "How ya Like Me Now". I've since downloaded their older album, "Great Vengence and Furious Fire" and selcted tracks from the newer one, "The House That Dirt Built" (including the aforementioned "Short Change Hero"). Great band -- unique and very acccompished songwriters, arrangers. and performers.

I have read their sound described as 'James Brown meets Jack White' -- quite appropo. They are a young band that can do "old" with style. This band just appeared at a club around the corner from where I live about 1-2 weeks ago. I wish I'de known then what I know now.
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