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Re: 7X03 A Town Called Mercy (Grading/Discussion) (SPOILERS!)

RoJoHen wrote: View Post
I'm getting vibes of the Time Lord Victorious "arc" we saw in the Tennant specials that ultimately led to his downfall.
All leading up to Matt Smiths Doctor changing his behavior once the new companion comes in

Less Twirly Whirly Doctor and more Old Man with 1200 years of knowledge.

Saul wrote: View Post
Bleeding cool noticed that the title sequence is gradually getting darker. Glad it's on purpose as it was starting look like someone was playing with the contrast too much. Another interesting point was the lights flickering as they do in Weeping Angel episodes....

The lights have been flickering in each episode so far

Amys dressing mirror bulbs were flickering before she was taken by the Daleks, 2nd ep Rory and Brian are changing a light bulb at the start and Rory completes the task at the end and in this episode the bulbs are flickering again a few times.

We're looking at a Weeping Angel event of massive portions no doubt.
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