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Re: All I Got Left is My THREAD BOMBS!

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If only there existed some sort of search site where you can type words in and find out what they're referring to. Alas, that kind of technology is still centuries beyond our reach.
Now if only there was a site where you could type in the words you find in a meme-ified image and return, say, a video.

Type in "South Korea" (as it is the expression one could find in an image) and return that video
Well, I wasn't talking to you but rather to the guy with a lot more info to go on from more pictures, but if you insist:

If you type in South Korea on Meme Center, there's a pic from the video third one down.

If you refine your search on Google by typing South Korea Dance Meme, the second result references it, as well as the eighth and tenth:

Either way, it's not that hard to track the stuff down.
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