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Re: Should the remastered episodes be released on DVD?

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It's just DVD with slightly improved picture.
No matter how many times people say this it simply isn't true and the numbers back it up.

* A widescreen DVD puts 345,600 (720 x 480) pixels on the screen, while a widescreen Blu-ray puts 2,073,600 (1920 x 1080) pixels on the screen. With a proper source, the amount of detail in a Blu-ray picture is astounding when compared to DVD.

Then add to the fact that Blu-ray has deeper colors, better audio and interactive features, I'd say the jump from DVD to Blu-ray is far greater than the jump from VHS to DVD. It's non-sense that people try to equate DVD and Blu-ray simply because they're both disc based formats.
It seems we're talking about different things. You seem to talk mostly about graphics and hardware. When I say that the difference between DVD and VHS is larger, I'm talking about the advantages of different language options, chapters, more bonus material, menus which allows you to choose one specific episode without being forced to fast-forward 3 other episodes to get to it.

I'm not trying to equate them. I'm just saying that since they both are disc based formats, they both have more in common with each other than VHS. The jump between what you can do with a VHS and what you can do with a DVD is greater than the jump between what you can do with a DVD and what you can do with Blu-ray.

And I agree that statement was a bit harsh. However, it is essentially right that Blu-ray is only DVD with improved graphics. I don't know why I said "slightly improved" though but I guess it was part of my attempt to depreciate Blu-ray.

And those of you who read my posts, you have to remember that I have low demands regarding picture because the difference between DVD and Blu-ray does nothing for me. If the print is good, that's enough to do it justice on DVD.

I do understand and see why Blu-ray is popular and I have nothing against it.

I just personally think that at this time, it's a distraction to the industry, and there WILL be more time and effort spent to upgrade movies rather than releasing that which has not ever been released on disc before, or just had very limited releases with very limited language options.

Sure, all the Hollywood flicks have already been released and there's nothing else to do with it, but now, this trend is also infecting the smaller distribution companies who are now focusing more on upgrading their former releases, rather than releasing movies who have never seen the light of DVD/BD (or even VHS).
Fair enough.

But I wish all Hollywood was doing was releasing previous home video releases as I've been waiting for a Blu-ray of Drowning Mona since the format was in its infancy.
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