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One Dollar Audios

Big Finish has a couple upcoming special releases that are available to pre-order for *cheap*. -- Voyage to Venus, starring the Sixth Doctor, with Jago and Litefoot (yes, they're back!). Coming in November. - Voyage to the New World, the sequel to Venus above, again with Six and Jago & Litefoot. Coming in December.

They are available as downloads (and that means DRM-free high quality files) for just one dollar each. Or, you can get the CDs for just 8 bucks. Even as a CD, that's still about half the cost of a normal release.

If you haven't given Big Finish Audios a try yet, here's a chance to do so with two stories for just two bucks. And if you have, then you're already a fan so you know how great a deal this is.

Other special releases are also coming soon.
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