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Re: I survived pm-ing William Shatner

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And then he got banned from the FB group because of his tacky p.m. to Shatner. And then he came here to complain about all of it. Uh huh. Very promising.

BTW, what does "n/t" mean in this context?
I wanted to delete something but I see no delete button therefore the n/t. Some of you guys won't even give me credit for actually miffing Mr. Shatner.
Oh you are here for credit!

From what I hear he is pretty easy to miff. So no credit for you. Here though, have a navy bean.
"Have a navy bean".... ...Seriously, nearly fell outta my chair.

As for ol' Shat, ehhhh, I have various feelings. I really dig that he is a champion for animal rights and a big dog fan, but his seemingly massive diva ego and gross treatment of his fellow Trek cast members leaves a terrible taste in my mouth.
(Especially his 40-year-feud with George...I have heard/read candid interviews with Shat where he sounds VERY bitter towards the show and its fans, but his snyde and pompous digs at George take the cake for me.)
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