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However, the idea of bringing her back just for a second shot at death, I would have found much harder to swallow. If you can shout 'take two!' and keep trying until you get the death you want...well, I see that as considerably more dangerous to my personal tastes regarding death in fiction than a clean resurrection. At least a resurrection like the one Janeway got is rooted in a desire to have the character live again - it's cheating the realities of death, yes, but death isn't truly the issue there. Making the manner of death the important thing...I wouldn't be very impressed with that, to be honest.
Yes. This reminds me of Jean Grey, supposedly the most dying and returning character in comics. To appease those people who were angry that in 1986 they resurrected the character, they decided the best way to "fix" that "mistake" was to kill her again in 2004, thus ensuring that 1, you contribute to the dying again meme thing and the Jean haters just have more to complain about, and 2, you create a group of "BRING BACK JEAN!" fans to complain and demand her resurrection, which is inevitable because it's comics. I am so glad Beyer didn't do that with Janeway.
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