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Re: General Pro Wrestling News and Discussion Thread Part Deux!

Punk vs Cena went on far too long, Cena just hasn't got the conditioning to wrestle matches of that length, nor keep up with the superiorly conditioned CM Punk. I'm not saying the match was bad, it was enjoyable, but it didn't do much where John Cena was concerned. I actually cringed at the top-rope German suplex, the landing looked dangerous, although clearly, it was designed so that Cena would go into the bridge with both his shoulders on the mat.

The false finish was straight out of the book of WWF 2000, in which the WWE Championship "changed hands" on more than one occasion, only for the referee to reverse the decision or declare that both men's shoulders were on the mat, etc.

Not even a hometown crowd could save Cena (as I predicted). He received a mixed reaction (I'd say 45% cheers 55% boo's) from bell to bell. Not even CM Punk's masterful command of the heel archetype could sway the crowd to favour Cena. I think WWE should just accept defeat where promoting black and white characters is concerned. It all began with the nWo and Steve Austin, and it's not going to go away.

I'm surprised Eve walked out as Divas Champion, it would seem the office is still really high on her. If I were booking, I'd have Aksana (can she even wrestle?) take the Diva dukes, and reign supreme alongside Antonio Cesaro as a classic power couple. It would enhance both of them, in that McMahon/Helmsley style of 2000.

All in all, NOC was a decent effort from WWE.

Oh, by the way! When Kane decides to retire from in-ring competition, he should seriously consider sketch comedy. That guy is absolutely hilarious when he's allowed to be! Both Kane and Daniel Bryan are going to go to the moon if the performance quality remains at the same high level.

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