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Re: Should the remastered episodes be released on DVD?

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I have a Blu-ray Player...

I have four DVD players, and not enough access to the HD TV... But I'm speaking generally, not personally, as Blu-ray saturation still isn't sufficient enough to warrant Blu-ray only releases. Most everything that comes out on Blu-ray is available on DVD, and TNG's remaster is pretty rare in that it's Blu-ray exclusive at this time.

EDIT: Just been listening to an anime podcast from a UK anme distributor, and at around the halfway mark, there's some conversation about Blu-rays and DVD, and an interesting statistic is that even in first world Japan, Blu-rays will sell only 30% of the numbers that DVDs sell. Sony wanting a licencing chunk of every BD disc manufactured is slowing the proliferation of the medium.

I would never have thought that a physical home medium would be in competition with high speed broadband and subscription based streaming services. I guess another related question is if the remastered episodes on Netflix yet?
What was the market saturation like when it was DVD vs VHS? It took several years for DVD to become dominant over CHS. With BR vs DVD however it is different whilst there is an improvement in picture quality with BR, for many DVD is good enough. So BR is finding it harder to establish itself than DVD had over VHS.

I remember BR only having at most a couple of metre's or so in shops a few years back now they can have 4 or 5 times that. Whilst at the same time the space given to DVD has shrunk.
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