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Re: What Did You Have For Dinner Last Night?

Last night I roasted a pork loin with some green onion and sour apple, sugary/cirtus yams and vinegar cabbage on the side.

This AM will be an 'everything' bagel topped with salmon cream cheese cut with Sriracha and a bit of caper juice from the jar. Also fruit..fresh fruits of all types this time of day is a must.
(Wifey wont go NEAR any sea proteins unless they are bland fast-foody whitefish or fried shrimp now and again...sad..)

Dunno about evening meal, havent thought that far ahead. Maybe some Basmati rice with coco milk....also been itching to try out my new mandolin, heh..

Back to my ginger ale, Schweppes, in a can.
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