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Re: The Top 40 Male Film Lead Actors of all Time

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I like Jack. If you don't enjoy School of Rock or his performance in High Fidelity, you might want to check if your sense of humour has been clinically removed.
When he's good he's very very good, and those are the two best examples. But when he's bad...

I thought he was terrible in King Kong (but then most people in King Kong were) amongst other things.

Not sure whether this counts or not (but if we can discuss Black why not) but I'd say Ralph Finnes. By all accounts a bit of a dick, but a fucking fantastic actor, and in this world where actors effectively play themsevles irrespective of the film, he stands out, for me at least.

Just try watching a double bill of the Constant Gardner and In Bruges. From timd, noble beaten down civil servant to foul mouthed vicious gangster.
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