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Re: 7X03 A Town Called Mercy (Grading/Discussion) (SPOILERS!)

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I still don't understand why it's ok for the bad doctor to suicide himself whereas the whole episode became about protecting him from the gunslinger. The Doctor says himself, in this episode -- "You don't get to choose your punishment!" -- and yet everything is hunky-dory at the end.
Well by suiciding Jex wasn't just thinking of himself for once, he was considering the cyborg, as he said, he had enough blood on his hands. The Doctor saying "You don't get to choose your own punishment" was more about Jex effectively sentencing himself to an open prison where he'd be adored by the populace. I didn't have a major probalem with that, though I share a lot of your reservations about the rest of the ep.

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When Liz Sladen died, BBC was smart enough to simply end "The Sarah Jane Adventures" rather than trying to recast Sarah or to retool a Sarah-less version of the show. But since then, I've heard that BBC has regretted not having a nice strictly kid-oriented Who spin-off in the CBBC line-up. And I seriously think (hope) they're maybe getting ready to fill that empty niche with Amy and the Last Centurion.

That might work. During their last story, the Doctor learns that Sarah Jane has died. Since Amy and Rory never had a chance to raise their daughter, they end up adopting Sarah Jane's "son."
Sarah Jane's son Luke is probably about aged about 19/20 in universe at the moment and is away at University!

They could adopt Sky I guess, but I thought the whole point was that, as far as the Whoniverse is concerned, whilst Lis has died, Sarah Jane is presumed to go on.
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