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Re: Best and worst comic book movies

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There are worse-made comic book movies, but Batman & Robin has to get some special mention for having all the resources and talent available to them to make a big budget blockbuster and that's what they came up with.
Well yes. I can't watch it. I'd rather watch TDKR. It's also obvious that the things in the movie were designed with only the toys in mind. And all the puns and bad humor are really bad And, again, I can't watch it. And it might not make sense to any of us that anyone would like it. But maybe ten year olds will.

But, in some ways TDKR is worse, coming off the heels of two great (but far form flawless films) and trying to cram so much in there, yet having a story that is thin and dependant on so many conveniences (because his ability to use the Bat to fly was so essential to all the aspects of the story to play out that they might as well have brought in Superman to help fly around and carry a bomb). Batman and robin knew what movie it wanted to be and at least was consistent.
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