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Re: Was Neelix bordering being a stalker?

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Okay it's stalking.

Neelix is a possible pedophile (why has this not come up in this thread yet, is the forum broke??), a crazed obsessive who will resort to violence to control what is his. He's got Kes on the Madonna pedestal and he'll do what he has to, even KILL, to keep her there. He's desperate, he's hairy and he's losing her to much more normal people. He should have left her with the Kazon because then he would always look like the good one, now that he has to compete with Tom and other suave aliens he is back to being a dumpster diver in space.
Now you are just being facetious.

Just because Neelix doesn't fit that Straw Loser description you gave him there, doesn't the mean the character didn't engage in some pretty unseemly behavior in season 2 in regards to Kes and Tom. Was it okay for Neelix to go and assault Tom in Parturition? How is attacking Tom because he thought he might be making the movies on Kes, not extremely possessive?
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