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Re: How did the Nero, his crew and ship escape Rura Penthe?

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(A tiny exception: there is one very brief shot of Nero's face which appears in the mind-meld sequence which I believe was taken from film shot for the interrogation scene, but OldSpock's meld narration says nothing about it.)
I could be wrong, but I thought the shot of Nero during the mind meld showed him out in the open on the prison planet ( in the "yard", so to speak ) and the shot taken from the interrogation scene was used in a different part of the film, when Nero is on the Narada and about to be approached by Ayel.
You know, I believe you're right. I was misremembering the placements.

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In the movie as released, the Klingon thread doesn't exist, and what does not exist cannot be scrutinized (because that would be an examination of nothing ).
There are remnants of the Klingon thread in the released film: the dialogue to the effect that the Kelvin incident took place near the edge of Klingon space, the reference to the distress call from the Klingon prison planet, assumed to be the Narada's handiwork, the aforementioned mind meld shot, and in Nero's closeup we can see that one of his ears has been damaged.

CorporalCaptain wrote:
Since it was all deleted, the whole Rura Penthe subplot involving the capture of Nero is non-canonical. From the point of view of canon, it never happened
But it still could have happened. The final film does not confirm it, but also does not preclude it from having happened.
There's room for a certain amount of conjecture, sure, but there's just not enough material remaining from the deleted scenes to form the basis for anything more than speculation.
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