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Re: Star Trek episodes with an anti technology theme

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Star Trek was about people who lived inside of big machines (starships and spacestation), when these people wanted to play, it was often in simple settings. Kirk's idea of a good shore leave (with the occasional Cabaret) was basically a walk in a park like glen, fresh air and trees.

When Picard went to visit his family, it was shown to be very pastoral. One of the few times we saw Riker and Troi off-duty and off the ship, they went on a simple pick-nick.

In addition to his detective adventures, Picard rode a horse on the holodeck, enough that he owns a physical saddle.

On Voyager, a high ol' time would consist of spending time in a small Irish village.

Except Picard and the Voyager crew are using holograms to create their supposed rustic retreats.

Besides well Star Trek may be wary of some aspects of technology, I don't think any of the TOS episodes mentioned suggested becoming Luddites was solution to these problems, like the Baku and the community from Paradise have become.
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