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Re: female audience reaction to Seven of Nine

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Back to "What was my first impression/reaction to Seven":
I was thrilled by the episodes Scorpion1+2. What I noticed first about Seven was her childlike face in those episodes. And she did not yet wear high heels (I think) because she appeared a lot smaller. Probably also as a result of all that Borg stuff attached to her body. Actually I didn't even notice her female attributes so much - they were well disguised by the Borg thingies on her. Another thing that I remember as something striking was Janeways reaction, when Janeway was sitting in her chair on the bridge and Seven passing behind her. I thought: "Wow - Seven gives Janeway the creeps!" This was the moment when I started to really look forward into the relationship between those two characters. I think that was the first time that we saw Janeway actually being a bit scared of someone else.
That's really interesting. The notion of Seven having a sort of "child-like" face and Janeway being afraid of her are notions that I have not heard of before.

It's interesting that you should mention Seven's face resembling a child's, because even though she is physically an adult, she still has a social mindset of a child (since she was assimilated as one). Intellectually she's brilliant, but socially she still has a lot to learn.

And Janeway being afraid of Seven, now that is really interesting. We never really see Janeway as a fearful character. She's always diving headfirst into a situation and never shows any fear. Although I can completely understand why having a Borg drone on her bridge would make her slightly uneasy. The Borg can be unpredictable, and to Janeway that is cause for concern.

Otherwise: I really like Seven. But I agree that the catsuit was a bit too much. Seven is such a great character. In a way I felt the optical enhancements were unnescessary and had the potential to harm and reduce her personality.
I agree. She's a great character, but I feel like the catsuit took away from some of that by putting the focus on her body and less so on her personality. Characters should be brought into a story because they contribute to the overall arc, and though she most certainly did, it felt like her looks were a major part of that.
But and here is the kicker.

I strongly stand behind the Heels are colossally stupid and not something a drone (remember certainly her first season, she really felt in many ways more connected to the Borg then her own humanity), would ever, ever, ever wear.

But the catsuit, something right next to your skin, something that doesn't stop or slow movement. That I think a freed Borg would absolutely wear. After all she wouldn't care a wit what the crew thought of her appearance.

It would all be what she wanted, and to the suit the needs she had.

Clearly cat suits and the like aren't frown upon by the 24th century we see plenty of examples of people wearing less, and also wearing form fitting clothes, so realistically within the universe of Trek, there would e no real reason that Janeway would say hey put something else on over that.

Janeway wouldn't say wear the starfleet uniform, something that we have been shown is something you have to really earn. Now over time I can absolutely see her moving to that (and would be all for that but absolutely not her first season).

And as for her looks taking attention away from her character, I say well ues to some degrees, but thats true for almost every person on TV. Casting made to appeal to the public, clothes made or bought to highlight aspects of that person natural beauty and their actual character. That occurs all the time.

But within that universe, how often id characters react to her catsuit? Almost never. Especially at first, I loved the difference between her look and the strength of her character. I thought that was awesome, and even highlighted her strength.
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