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Re: How did the Nero, his crew and ship escape Rura Penthe?

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Sadly, I never did see Trek 09 when it was in the movie theaters, but I've always had on question about the movie. How did Nero and his crew escape the prison planet Rura Penthe, and then get back aboard his ship the Narada?
In fact, the movie covers neither Nero & Co.'s imprisonment nor their escape from (never-identified) prison planet. Such scenes of capture, prison, interrogation and escape as were filmed do not appear in the finished film. (A tiny exception: there is one very brief shot of Nero's face which appears in the mind-meld sequence which I believe was taken from film shot for the interrogation scene, but OldSpock's meld narration says nothing about it.)

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Another convienent plot device that doesn't stand up to scutiny.
Well, no. In the movie as released, the Klingon thread doesn't exist, and what does not exist cannot be scrutinized (because that would be an examination of nothing.)

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So it was never explained???
Never explained, correct.
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