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Re: DS9 Caption Contest #62: Back to Basics...

Insert your own sex joke here.

Nana Visitor: Be quiet Marc! Avery doesn't know I get paid more than him!

Martok: *grumbling* Worf is the most popular Klingon character ... gets an extra-long caption contest thanks to LeadHead ... we'll see about that!

Bashir: Hey captain, guess which one of us will eventually be replaced by a Changeling? Me or the ambassador guy?
Sisko: Um ...
Bashir: Here's a hint, it's a trick question.

Listening to Worf and Odo sing Klingon on nearly made Kira go into premature labor.
"You do not understand, but you will." - Kosh to Sheridan, in "Interludes and Examinations."
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