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Re: nit picky Spock picky

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I really do think Zack Quinto is a very handsome man, but I was distracted by his almost ever-present 5 oclock shadow in the first JJ Abrams Star Trek movie. It just didn't seem like Spock and got in the way sometimes as far as convincing me of who this character was. Not that I've never seen a bearded Vulcan, but as a military man (essentially) and for this particular Vulcan, it just didn't fit. I thought he became the character quite well, and I think that's why the stubble was annoying. It just didn't fit and seemed an easy fix...Silly, I know~ but I was just reading the ZQ update on the newest movie...
It's funny that you should mention that. I noticed that as well, but I can't honestly say that it bothered me, but I do know where you're coming from. He should have made sure it was "smoother than an android's Data?"
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