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Re: Best and worst comic book movies

Worst, in order worst first: Sin City: mean spirited, confusing crap
The Spirit: slightly less mean spirited, confusing crap
Hellboy II: fakey mythology gone wild

Best, in order best firstt:

Superman I: Slight edge, because it still gives me the feel good feeling
Dark Knight: It's like sitting through the real events, it's taxing but great.
Batman Begins: 2nd best superhero origin story
Iron Man: All around goodness
X-Men 3: Epic culmination of the trilogy
X-Men 2: Much better than the first movie
Captain America: Surprisingly good
Avengers: Fun movie. wish half of it didnt take place on the SHIELD helicarrier
Thor: I like this one better after repeat viewings
Green Lantern: Im a sucker for the intergalactic hijinks
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