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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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It would be cool if the new movie trailer premiered on the S2 set, but I seriously doubt it would happen.
I seriously hope not. I like Season 2 TNG. I can't fucking stand JJ-drek. Let's keep good and crap apart.
I agree lets keep the crap on season 2....

Seriously I loved the new Trek film with a few minor issues that I hated. But thats abetter average then all but i TOS film, and all but one TNG film. So out of the gate I was exceedingly pleased by the new Trek.

When I think of the huge hit and miss ratio of the first two years of TNG, or the third season of TOS, I can't realistically be overly hard on the new film, even with the issues I did have with it.

But back on this set, I can't wait to see the show has it did improve not so much in plot (which was still in many cases poor), but it character. With the actors and writers getting a better feel for the characters, it really shows.

Add to that a general production team that has learned a lot from the efforts of the previous year, and it shows.

Luckily Trek has always been a show where I celebrate what I like over what I don't. I never would have fallen in love with TOS in the late 60's very early 70's if that wasn't the case.

But I think I am in general far more critical of entertainment then what I see of a lot of posters (seriously what the hell is an A+, never in my life have I had a teacher or professor award that grade, and seriously no Trek has ever been 100% perfect, thats just laughable).
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