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Re: Yet Another Rewatch Thread...



"I was in the Underground"

"Oh, Perhaps we have met"

I happen to like this as a political mystery, One of the nice things about DS9 is that the stories are varied, you have political stories, you have war stories, you have personal stories, you have crime stories, and you have humor episodes among many others.

One good test for a political plot is "does everyone make choices up to their intelligence level. This is a very smart story of a long drawn out political chess game, with our fave tailor outwitting one of the better antagonists (and to a point of his development, the best antagonist in star trek)

That and the child actor does very well, it must be dreadful trying to cast teenage and young actors, as a crappy performance can ruin a episode.

Also, It is almost shocking what the writers actually put in the chiefs mouth. Not that is wrong for the Chief, but just surprising that it made it to the script.

7 out of 10


A little ode to disabled people, but it still not good. I understand that it had a very rough birth from concept to creation. By the time Melora gets the stick out of her rear, I really don't care for her. Though I do like the idea of the Klingon restaurant as a fun change from the normal Klingon setup. At Bashir gets a girl for once.

The "B" Plot was much more fun, and saves the episode from falling in the realm of Bad Star Trek Episodes.

5 of 10

"Rules of Acquisition"

This episode has a major problem.

It not funny enough to be a liked as a humor episode. It lacks drama to be a dramatic episode. Also, the Alien make up is Bad.

And much of the humor is just bad. Its almost impossible to do a farce for part of the episode, then switch to a semi-serious drama.

Though Zek and Kira stuff was ALMOST funny.

Ok, it really wasn't.

3 out of 10

"Necessary Evil"

This starts off as a decent episode, some humor with Rom half wanting Quark dead for the bar, and Rom showing he actually rather smart. then a gate opens up.

And I am blown away as you walk into the occupation.

Then its a decent little whodunit with a surprising twist at the end. Not a jaw dropping surprise, but a "REALLY, cool wow"

Rene blew it out of the water with his acting.

It not QUITE as good as Duet. but it is almost as good.

9.5 out of 10

"Second Sight"

This is not a bad episode, but it does have a major weakness.

its boring as heck.

I don't mind that the guest star is a jerk, I just don't CARE. which is worse then being annoying. You feel nothing as he commits suicide.

3 out of 10


This isn't a good episode, though it does have a few episodes that save it from complete ruin. Though I must say this.

The Guest star of the son is annoying as hell. and outside of the Main guest star, the aliens are just annoying. (but they are not boring at least...

There a few moments that save this episode from complete ruin. The language issues, then Kira buying the dress, and it somewhat saved by the downbeat ending. Which breaks the "TNG feel" to the episode. However I do not want to go out and watch this episode anytime soon.

4.5 out of 10


Ok, I remember that I did not like this episode when it aired. As in hating it.

Its actually quite good. Guess as i get older, a Con Man playing his games and being conned himself is fun to watch, and the growing friendship of the Doctor and chief.

And I laughed out loud when the poor guy "Won" and then its like "Officer, you have a dead man in here"

Very entertaining. Which is kinda funny as I always disliked this episode.

6 out of 10

"The Alternate"

This should be a good episode, and Odo's "Dad" is likeable. But it just does not work for whatever reason. I cannot pinpoint what I do not like about the episode.

4 out of 10
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