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Re: The Top 40 Male Film Lead Actors of all Time

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BennyRussel: thanks for your 40, but do have one all-time winner out of that group? Or a top five or ten?
Not really but here are my standouts:

Al Pacino
Bill Murray
Eddie Murphy
Glenn Ford
Humphrey Bogart
Jackie Chan
Sidney Poitier
Steve McQueen
Sylvester Stallone

Also, a few biggies that missed my list:
Tom Cruise (not as big a fan as I used to be)
Samuel L. Jackson (one too many dogs on his list)
Gene Hackman (just ran out of room on my list)
Robert Duvall (like him better as a supporting actor)
Morgan Freeman (like him better as a supporting actor)
Steve Martin (not enough standout movies)
James Dean (lack of longevity)
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