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Re: 7X03 A Town Called Mercy (Grading/Discussion) (SPOILERS!)

A decent enough episode. Some really cool moments, especially the final scene with the Gunslinger watching over the town. The episode wa a bit predictable, Jex's fate was too easy to see coming. Still a cool episode, the Doctor speaking Horsey and talking about Susan the Horse's lifstyle choices was hilarious. And it's nice to see Ben Browder again, especially in a role that's different from his usual John Crichton/Cameron Mitchell mold.

To be honest, I'm not buying the Doctor's bad attitude. It essentially came out of nowhere and he's back to his normal self after the dark side is revealed. It would have been better if they had have shown him getting progressively darker in the previous episodes of the season. Though I suppose that is the point, have the audience have the same reaction to darker Doctor that Amy and Rory have. A good idea which lost something in the execution.

So the Doctor is now 1200 years old, meaning he's aged 100 years since season 6 and 300 years since regenerating. This is good since it means among other things that there's plenty of room for various adventures in novels and comics for the Eleventh Doctor to have., bith now and after Matt Smith moves on and this era is revisited in a PDA or something. However, what I don't get is why after 300 years the Doctor hasn't aged noticeably, and yet in the finale arc of season 3 when the Master aged the Doctor 100 years it turned him into an elderly person requiring a wheelchair?

I'm going to have to agree that Amy and Rory served no purpose in this episode. Well, okay, Amy did have the whole thing of reminding the Doctor to do the right thing, but really that could have been done by any companion. Hell, you could have brought back, oh I Don't know, Martha and Mickey and still have had the same episode.

I'm going to take this a bit further and agree with a growing sentiment that's been going around these past few weeks that they shouldn't have bothered bringing Amy and Rory back. Don't get me wrong, I like the Ponds, they're probably among my top five farourite companions in all Doctor Who. But their story is done and they had their good-byes. It would have been better to have left them as they were, eseentially living happily ever after with the potential to someday make a guest appearance. Either in a Journey's End style all companions reunited thing, guest appearances in the 50th or even 60th annniversary specials or perhaps used in guest apperances the next time the show is relaunched after a decade's hiatus like Sarah Jane was featured in the RTD years. Instead, they're returning again and again, having one more advenure in the TARDIS until something happens in episode 5 which will apparentally permanentally finish off their story.

Just why are Amy and Rory back with the Doctor anyway? They were dropped off back at their home after Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, but here they with him at the very beginning and the mention of Rory leaving his cell phone with Henry VIII could mean they've had a couple of other adventures prior to this episode. Though that could just be a reference to an untold story during seasons 5 or 6.
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