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OT: Building AMT Millennium Falcon Kit


I thought I'd share my current project with you guys, it's not quite Trek, but it's still in the genre. I'm sure I'm not the only Star Trek fan on this board who also is a Star Wars fan.

Years ago (back in high school...mid-90's) I built this model of the Falcon. I thought I did all right. Here's a picture of what remains of it:

Not too bad for a teenager, but I figure I could do better now, and I want a whole model to display. So I have begun to build another one of these kits.

My goal is to detail it so it looks like one of the ILM models. I'm not doing any real measurements, just eyeballing the details and trying to give it the impression of being detailed like the five foot studio model. But I'm not slavishly devoting it to that particular version. I'm sort of averaging the 60" model and the 32" and the "full-size" mock up the actors interacted with in Elstree Studios. Besides some excellent photo reference of the 60" model that is available on line, I was able to get numerous photos of it myself when the Star Wars models were toured around four or five years ago. The kit's proportions are wrong in a lot of areas, and some of them I don't think are worth addressing. However, some others I'm going to correct.

My plan of attack is to detail the parts as far as possible as separate parts. i.e., doing as little assembly as possible of the kit parts before they are detailed. I started with the portside docking port. Here's a pic of the finished port-side part and the as-yet unmodified starboard part:

I've finished with detailing this one part. The white material is Evergreen brands styrene. There are quite a few little chips of plastic and lengths of rods. Also there are some little brass ferrules and lengths of brass wire.

I don't know how long it took exactly, but it was most of my free time so far this weekend. Somehow cutting, handling, and gluing down the teeny tiny parts is oddly comforting to me and I enjoyed every minute of it. A buddy of mine says I'm crazy and I ought to just get the Fine Molds kit.... but that would be missing the point!

Assuming that the other parts which require such detailing will take as long, then this will be a slow going project. But I'll keep posting what I get done. Maybe having an audience will motivate me to finish this thing instead of boxing it back up and revisiting it three and a half years from now like I usually do.

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