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Re: "Breaking the Ice" Line-by-Line

PHLOX: (at T'Pol's station) Ah, I believe I can answer that, Captain. Hello, children. I'm Doctor Phlox, the ship's physician. I'm from a system called Denobula Triaxa and I feel very honoured to be part of this important mission. Germs. They may be tiny but they are among the most resilient organisms known to medical science. They can survive almost anywhere, on your kitchen counter, under your fingernail, in the vacuum of space. Over two hundred million space-dwelling microbes have been catalogued. One of the most virulent species lives inside grains of interstellar dust. Polycocyx astris. They can drift in a dormant state for millions of years and still cause a nasty cold. I once discovered a peculiar colony of spores on the hull of a-
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