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Re: Was Neelix bordering being a stalker?

So we're talking about twisted and Paturation?

Tom wanted to fill her with his little babies.

Neelix was with in his rights to stalk Tom waiting for him to be an asshole, but he was supposed to trust Kes to repulse Tom because she valued their relationship.

But there was no reason for Neelix to be worried/upset that kes knew wher the aked firedancer slept.

NEELIX: Kyoto's quarters. Nicoletti. Hargrove. Ayala.
KES: None of those are anywhere near my quarters.
NEELIX: This is deck eight. That's where your quarters are.
KES: But Hargrove and Ayala are on deck seven. Nicoletti is on four and I think Kyoto is on six.
NEELIX: How do you know where everyone's quarters are?
KES: I just remember.
NEELIX: Remember from what? Have you been in all their quarters?
KES: Of course not. The point is, those quarters can't all be on the same deck.
NEELIX: Well, see for yourself.
Neelix thought that she was the town bike.
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