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Re: The Top 40 Male Film Lead Actors of all Time

It'd be unfair to be dismissive of Jack Black's acting talent if we could truly see the a leading man. Starting out, as supporting character actor, he didn't usually live long enough to get bad early (see THE JACKAL and MARS ATTACKS for examples). As a lead, I find him steadily unappealing, obnoxious and/or snooze-inducing. (see BE KIND REWIND, KING KONG 2005, or TROPIC THUNDER for key examples). While it can be true bad directors can exacerbate or encorage bad performances from normally-good actors, the three good directors from the films I just mentioned---especially Ben Stiller----managed to get good performances from everyone in those films EXCEPT Jack Black. Raise your hands if anyone feels he came close to matching Stiller, Downey Jr.,Cruise or any other of the TROPIC actors. Not having seen either HIGH FIDELITY, BERNIE or SCHOOL OF ROCK, which got generally good reviews, I'll take your word Black's decent in them, but it may be three more cases of good direction bettering his acting. Thumbs up the three if they achieved this miracle.

Stj: you didn't overlook it, since I've barely revealed it yet.

JarodRussell: well, that's just harsh and totally unwarranted. Okay, PARTIALLY unwarranted. I don't want to think about Bette Davis's.....never mind. Raquel Welch....better.

BennyRussel: thanks for your 40, but do have one all-time winner out of that group? Or a top five or ten?

More incoming finalists below in bold:

40. Arnold Schwarzenegger
39. Spencer Tracy
38. Steve McQueen
37. Gary Cooper
36. Daniel Craig
35. Errol Flynn

Some on this list have less longevity than others, but they make up for it in badassery.
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