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That's more checking than I have the energy for!

Should have the top view of the Val'Walo done this weekend. I'm just pooping around with it 1/2 hour or so a day. This one is seriously challenging my vector-blend shading skills.
I can understand that. I've probably spent too much time looking for unused registries, and not enough time working on starship orthographics.

You're obviously way more skilled with vector art than me. Any less than 2 hours usually doesn't result in much, if any real headway.

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ay Pulse Phasers, I think you mean Mega-Phasers, which are (to my knowledge) supposed to be two different things.
I've seen both names used in fandom. I realize the pulse-phaser moniker is used by the Defiant's supposedly-new breakthru weapons, but "mega-phaser" just sounds so silly (Sorry Jackill - ya know I love ya).

If there's a definitive (if anything in fanfic can be called definitive) name, I'll be happy to fall in line and use it.
I could have sworn that Jackill wasn't the only source to use the term. But "mega-phaser" and "pulse phaser" seems to be the only two terms as far as I know that are used to label the phaser cannons. I don't remember if the term "mega-phaser" is used in canon though, only that it is used frequently in many sources. It's no more silly than the term "Turbolaser" used in Star Wars though.
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