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Re: Where should Stargate go now?

Iron Sky was pretty amusing, and quite silly. Sarah Palin was President, and sent two astronauts back to the moon for a campaign stunt.

The System Lords did take a long slide into silliness, but they always did Apophis pretty well, even in Mobius at the end of season 8. I liked Ba'al, and the character was well executed, but he was quite a departure from earlier Goa'uld and you could tell he'd be happy to give up being an evil God and just hang out in the hotel bar.

I think changing the Goa'uld weapons need as much attention, perhaps more. The Jaffa are generally inept, dimwitted, slow, and can't hit the side of a barn, kind of like Storm Troopers who can't see anything in their helmets. Perhaps they're adequate for subduing and controlling primitive human societies, but there's no way any advanced species would take them seriously. The Anubis storyline partially remedied that, but his soldiers were even more brainless than the Jaffa.

One advantage of my ecosystem idea for a continuation is that versions of all the existing species (along with hundreds of new ones that couldn't have gone plausibly unnoticed in the canonical storyline to date) would've been trapped in dozens or hundreds of isolated ecosystems millions of years ago, and thus developed quite differently than the versions we've already encountered. The Goa'uld are more recent in the galaxy, but their presence in some ecosystems (along with humans) could be explained by time-travel from a relatively recent gate jump that hit a solar flare. Being stuck, they were expanding their range when the Ancients altered the laws of physics to divide the galaxy into isolated enclaves. So the premise allows multiple attempts at reworking the Goa'uld into a more interesting adversary, especially one with a different visual look and feel so the new show doesn't look like a rerun with a different cast.
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