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Re: female audience reaction to Seven of Nine

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Back to "What was my first impression/reaction to Seven":
I was thrilled by the episodes Scorpion1+2. What I noticed first about Seven was her childlike face in those episodes. And she did not yet wear high heels (I think) because she appeared a lot smaller. Probably also as a result of all that Borg stuff attached to her body. Actually I didn't even notice her female attributes so much - they were well disguised by the Borg thingies on her. Another thing that I remember as something striking was Janeways reaction, when Janeway was sitting in her chair on the bridge and Seven passing behind her. I thought: "Wow - Seven gives Janeway the creeps!" This was the moment when I started to really look forward into the relationship between those two characters. I think that was the first time that we saw Janeway actually being a bit scared of someone else.
That's really interesting. The notion of Seven having a sort of "child-like" face and Janeway being afraid of her are notions that I have not heard of before.

It's interesting that you should mention Seven's face resembling a child's, because even though she is physically an adult, she still has a social mindset of a child (since she was assimilated as one). Intellectually she's brilliant, but socially she still has a lot to learn.

And Janeway being afraid of Seven, now that is really interesting. We never really see Janeway as a fearful character. She's always diving headfirst into a situation and never shows any fear. Although I can completely understand why having a Borg drone on her bridge would make her slightly uneasy. The Borg can be unpredictable, and to Janeway that is cause for concern.

Otherwise: I really like Seven. But I agree that the catsuit was a bit too much. Seven is such a great character. In a way I felt the optical enhancements were unnescessary and had the potential to harm and reduce her personality.
I agree. She's a great character, but I feel like the catsuit took away from some of that by putting the focus on her body and less so on her personality. Characters should be brought into a story because they contribute to the overall arc, and though she most certainly did, it felt like her looks were a major part of that.
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