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Re: College Football 2012

That Kansas State pick's looking good. There's something very shaky about Oklahoma's offense and defense. It's not a lack of physical talent--it's just that the big, bragadocious killer instinct just doesn't seem to be there anymore. They're mistake ridden. If that defense isn't on top of its game, Colin Klein could take it apart. Landry Jones is suffering from a lack of Ryan Broyles and--I don't care how good and reserved a kid he is--it has got to drive him bonkers that now they're putting in Blake Bell for third and short situations like they did at the goal line all second half of last season. The "Belldozer" the announcers call him. If you have to keep putting in the big bruiser who's waiting for his turn to start at QB next season, that's indicative that there's something wrong with the offense of today. Also, Landry's a senior now with hopes of the NFL and that eats into his own stats. He says all the right things, but he'd be less than human if that didn't piss him off in the extreme.

Ironically, the transfer receiver from Penn State (I'm blanking on the name) isn't doing to badly but still....I've watched them. It's not a number 4 or 5 team in the country. USC, Stanford, Alabama certainly would slaughter them.

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